The New Atlantis 360 Fund

Just in time for the holiday giving season, Atlantis Charter School launched its new Atlantis 360 Fund.

Atlantis is seeking support from students, parents, alumni and others who have championed the school as it grew and blossomed over the years.

“By making a gift to the Atlantis 360 Fund, you will bring life full-circle,” says Atlantis Charter School Executive Director Robert Beatty. “Regardless of whether you can donate $5, $50 or $500, your gift will give Atlantis students hope and opportunity.  Every gift truly matters.”

As a public charter school, Atlantis does not collect tuition. Therefore, a robust annual fund is crucial to fulfilling Atlantis’s mission of creating a safe, caring, and welcoming environment that challenges students academically while supporting their social and emotional needs.

“Knowing that we can rely on annual gifts allows Atlantis to make the best use of resources today as well as effectively plan for our future,” Beatty said.

The Atlantis 360 Fund will help support academic programming, technology, the arts, faculty development and new initiatives throughout the year.

Money raised will help bridge the gap between what the State provides and the true cost of creating an education that is second-to-none.

“While government funding is essential for us to provide Atlantis students with a world class education, it is the Atlantis 360 Fund donations that enable us to go over and above to make our school a truly remarkable experience for our students,” said F. George Jacome, Development Director Atlantis Educational Foundation.

All donations are tax deductible. If you have a question or are interested in giving to the Atlantis 360 Fund contact F. George Jacome, Development Director Atlantis Educational Foundation by phone at (508) 235-4032 or email

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