At Atlantis, we embrace the responsibility we have as a public school to be a driving force in community and economic development. We believe education is the single greatest investment we can make in the well-being of our children, our community, and our nation. By placing students first and embracing innovation – we provide an education second-to-none, and ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century workforce.

Great education not only prepares our children for a rapidly evolving global community, it expands their opportunities in career and society and nurtures their humanity. Indeed, education makes us better people.

Great teachers also make a world of difference, and our Atlantis staff is our most valuable resource. As educators, our goal is to deliver meaningful, engaging instruction to create passionate, life-long learners. By employing a variety of teaching methods, exposing students to a diverse range of perspectives and real-world experiences, and supporting the social and emotional health of our students, Atlantis develops well-rounded students who embody academic excellence.

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