It is a core belief at Atlantis Charter School that to reach each child’s full potential, we must engage our families by treating them as true partners in their children’s education. That critical relationship between the family, the student, and the school is like a three-legged table. If one leg is missing or broken, the table falls.

Family & Community Resource Center

Our Family & Community Resource Center supports the connection between home and school by offering a variety of activities and services that build community and allow our families to participate in the education of their children in a positive and healthy way.

For more information on the Family & Community Resource Center , please contact:

For more information on the Family & Community Resource Center , please contact:

Donalda Silva, Coordinator
Family & Community Resource Center
508-646.6410 Ext. 1281

Diane Boutin, Enrollment Liaison
Family & Community Resource Center
508-646-6410 Ext. 1051

Edymariel Cortes, Parent Liaison
Family & Community Resource Center
508-672-1821 Ext. 1283

The foundation of the Family & Community Resource Center work is embodied in the Home and School Involvement Compact:


I understand that Atlantis is a “school of choice” and that, by signing the Compact, I agree to accept all the responsibilities listed in this document and in the Student Handbook. Failure to do so on my part or the part of my child will result in a reassessment of the placement of my child at Atlantis. I also agree that involvement in my child’s education is necessary to ensure his/her high academic achievement, positive attitude, and exemplary behavior. Therefore I WILL:

  1. Have my child in school every day on time and in uniform.
  2. Ensure that my child arrives at school prepared to learn.
  3. Support all the school’s regulations – including the homework, attendance, discipline, and uniform policies.
  4. Communicate with my child’s teachers regularly.
  5. Attend all meetings as scheduled by the teacher and/or Principal including all Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  6. Respond to all school communications promptly.
  7. Address any concerns openly, honestly, and politely with my child’s teacher or other appropriate staff member.
  8. Provide my child with a safe, healthy, positive home environment.
  9. Help my child develop a positive attitude about school.
  10. Volunteer a minimum of six hours a year during school or parent sponsored events.
  11. Participate in at least two family activities a year made available through the Atlantis Family Learning Center.


I understand that my education is important. I know that I am responsible for my own success. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities and I WILL:

  1. Attend school and be on time and in uniform, everyday.
  2. Arrive at school prepared and ready to learn.
  3. Respect my teachers, other school staff, volunteers, and other students.
  4. Do my best everyday and in every class.
  5. Follow all school and class regulations.
  6. Complete and turn in all my homework on time.
  7. Be responsible for my own behavior – no excuses.
  8. Resolve problems by using appropriate words.
  9. Respect the property of others.
  10. Promptly return all corrected assignments and other school information to my parents/guardians.


I understand the importance of the educational experience for every student and my role as a teacher and role model. Therefore, in order to encourage learning at home, at school, and in the community, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities and I WILL:

  1. Provide a quality program of instruction.
  2. Have high expectations of success that will help all children become more independent.
  3. Address students’ individual needs and encourage individual talents.
  4. Provide a safe and positive learning environment for each student.
  5. Communicate and meet with all parents regularly regarding their child’s progress and behavior.
  6. Help parents support learning and positive behavior at home.
  7. Model respectful behavior by treating students respectfully.


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