Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)

As a public school, Atlantis administers the MCAS exam to all students in grades 3 through 8 each spring. Atlantis was recognized as a “Level 1” school in the fall of 2012 and the fall of 2013 as a result of its strong performance and growth over time.

2018 School Report Card
2013 Accountability Report
2012 State Report Card
2011 NCLB Report Card
2010 NCLB Report Card
2009 NCLB Report Card

Achievement Network Interim Benchmark Assessments

Atlantis Charter School partners with The Achievement Network to administer quarterly benchmark assessments in grades 2 through 8 that align with state standards and the MCAS. These quarterly assessments provide data that helps teachers adjust their instruction based on the needs of each child.

Our partnership with The Achievement Network also allows Atlantis to compare our performance with over 200 Massachusetts public schools that take the same interim assessments.

The graphs below show our 2012-2013 end-of-year cumulative results.


2012 Math ANet results


2012 ELA ANet results


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