About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Atlantis Charter School is to provide an education second to none, yielding academic excellence and life-long learning skills.

Atlantis Charter School, an independent public school, provides an educational choice to the families of Greater Fall River by offering our students a solid academic foundation on which to build a successful future. We expect an equal partnership among parents, community, faculty, staff and students to create a safe, caring, innovative and progressive learning environment. Atlantis incorporates the best research-based practices in education to meet the needs of our student population. It is our intent to become a model of educational excellence.

To successfully fulfill our mission, Atlantis Charter School offers the following:

  • A core academic program based on Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, encouraging careful experimentation in ways to improve teaching and learning.
  • Five school-to-career academies help high school students develop in-demand skills that can lead to real-world jobs.
  • A professional staff that develops curriculum focused on the academic success of each student.
  • A 12:1 student to teacher ratio.
  • A safe, caring, and welcoming environment that challenges students academically while¬†supporting their social and emotional needs.
  • A commitment to treat parents, guardians, and families as true partners in their children’s education.
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