Special Education

Atlantis Charter School’s mission is to provide an education that is second to none. The cornerstone of that mission is our commitment to provide all children—with or without disabilities—access to a Free and Appropriate Education.

State and federal law mandates that special education services are provided where a thorough evaluation process has identified that a child has a disability. Approximately 12% of our current student population is identified as requiring special education services, and these students are offered a full complement of highly qualified and experienced special education teachers and paraprofessionals, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists. In addition, many of our classrooms benefit from a co-teaching partnership that pairs a regular-education teacher with a special education teacher. Our goal is to provide services that yield academic excellence, life-long learning and problem solving skills so that every child reaches his or her potential.


The foundation of a successful special education program is a strong partnership between parents/guardians, students and staff. At Atlantis, we pride ourselves on forging those partnerships with each and every family through multiple levels of communication that are supported by staff, administration, our Special Education Parent’s Advisory Council and our Family Learning Center.

Our Pledge

Our most recent Coordinated Program Review through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education illustrates Atlantis’s stellar achievement in upholding compliance with all regulatory requirements in Special Education. Our proudest achievement, and our pledge, is to uphold all rights and regulations while always embodying the true spirit of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act for every child who steps through our door.

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