Atlantis Awarded Science Grants

This November, high school students at Atlantis are getting some cool new learning tools in their science classrooms thanks to $30,000 in grants from the East Bay Educational Collaborative of Rhode Island (EBEC).

Atlantis was selected to participate in a new chemistry program entitled “A Natural Approach to Chemistry.” The program comes with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, a wide variety of STEM instructional resources, as well as professional development for Atlantis teachers.

“STEM education is vital in preparing our students for the demands of higher education and the work force,” said Robert Beatty, Executive Director of Atlantis Charter School.

Image Credit: Lab-Aids

As part of the grants, students will be provided the newest “green” chemistry curriculum program and high school students will be able to explore current oceanographic research at Woods Hole entitled the “Ocean’s Twilight Zone.” They will also participate in webinars and other online resources conducted by JASON Learning and Woods Hole Scientists.

Photo Credit: Lab-Aids

Partners for this project include scientists and engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution known as AECERN, the Jason Learning Organization, and Lab-Aids, Inc., a nationally recognized publisher and developer of innovative science curriculum materials. EBEC received funds for this project from the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) to improve STEM education in New England high schools.

These grants follow a highly successful and recognized implementation of another EBEC grant award that aided in the development of a state-of-the-art Physics and pre-engineering connected curriculum at Atlantis.

“These funds will support our core science programs at Atlantis,” said Michael Lauro, Associate Executive Director of Atlantis Charter School. “There is science gap in many secondary schools, so it is important to support core programs like chemistry, physics and biology as much as possible.”

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