ArtWeek at Atlantis

The Atlantis Arts, Culture and Design Academy Class of 2018 took over the high school cafeteria for one night, transforming it into an art gallery.

Using the cafeteria tables as walls, students displayed the works they have created throughout the year. Members of the Atlantis and Fall River communities were invited to see the students’ art, talk to the young artists, and create with them.

The exhibit took place on Monday, April 30 as part of ArtWeek. It was the first time the school participated in the statewide arts event.

“The students were thrilled,” said Patricia Hawkridge, adjunct instructor for the Arts, Culture and Design Academy. “Our guests really enjoyed it as well. They talked to the students, and the students explained what the art meant to them.”

The student artists had work stations set up around the cafeteria and created new art under the watchful gaze of their guests. The students answered questions as they worked. The guests even had an opportunity to create artwork of their own, and they

jumped at the chance.


“They sat themselves right down and said ‘What do I need to do,'” Hawkridge said.

Hawkridge says something wonderful happened toward the end of the evening. Everyone gravitated toward one table in the center of the room and sat down together

. They spent the rest of the time talking with one another and sharing stories about their lives.

“The thing I love the most is I believe creating art creates community,” Hawkridge said. “And we need community. We all need it, especially nowadays. We need to connect with people.”

Hawkridge says that while the crowd was small – about 15 people – she hopes it will grow in the years to come.


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