The Tritons Booster Club

More than Fundraisers, Spirit Raisers!

Behind every great high school athletics program are parent boosters. The Tritons Booster Club is always hard at work behind the scenes to make high school memorable, not just for the student-athletes, but for the entire student body.

2023-24 Tritons Booster Club Board

“We want every student at Atlantis, not just the athletes, to be involved in the school community and to have the best high school experience possible,” said Eddie Almeida, Tritons Booster Club president. “Through sports, we can grow school spirit and take the excitement from the fields into the classrooms so every student feels involved and a part of something.”

Eddie Almeida and Diane Viana-Almeida have been on the booster club’s board since it was formed back when the high school was still in the Cherry & Webb building in downtown Fall River.

“We didn’t have a building or a field at the time, but we did have some sports co-ops and knew it was the right time to start a booster club,” said Diane Viana-Almeida, Tritons Booster Club treasurer.

The small, but dedicated group of volunteers hit the ground running. They drew up a mission statement—to foster an environment that inspires student-athletes, coaches, parents and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all of the school’s athletic programs—and began fundraising to support the athletics programs and recognize student-athletes for their achievements.

Over the years, the boosters have provided financial support for baseball uniforms, purchased soccer training and field equipment, and created and sold Tritons spirit wear. They have also given money to help Varsity teams reach their fundraising goals.

Founding members of the Tritons Booster Club Board: Jen DeAguiar, Eddie Almeida, Diane Viana-Almeida, Chris Murphy, and Elizabeth Arruda

One of the biggest fundraisers and projects they have been involved with recently was the development and construction of the Triton Snack Shack. The boosters planned, purchased materials for and built the concession stand. The school supported the project and funded the concrete slab and electricity for the building. After seeing the project through from beginning to end, the boosters now run concession services at Varsity Football games and other sporting events as needed.

“The Boosters have had such a positive impact on our school community,” said Atlantis District Leader Gabriela Birmingham. “They are such a dedicated group of parents who work tirelessly to help support the students and the Athletics Department. Students love coming to the football games, and the concession stand helps to add to that community environment. It will be one of their lasting legacies.”

The booster club hosts the annual Varsity Awards Night. For years, it was a simple event where students received certificates of participation and coaches gave out a few MVP awards at the end of their season, but participation was minimal. Two years ago, the boosters changed things up.

“We decided to throw a banquet-style event. We were a little nervous. We didn’t know how many kids were going to come, but more than 150 people showed up,” said Viana-Almeida. “More than 200 people came last year. It was awesome.”

The awards night comes right before graduation, so they use the stage in the gymnasium to hand out plaques and trophies. Afterward, everyone enjoys a buffet dinner in the cafeteria—which is decorated to the nines for the night.

The boosters also recognize team achievements by purchasing championship sweatshirts and swag and celebrating undefeated seasons. They even developed the ACS Athletics logo and a new soccer uniform logo.

As the Tritons Booster Club continues to make a lasting impact on Atlantis, its dedication extends beyond the realm of fundraising and has helped to build connections within the school community. This past October, the boosters created a breast cancer awareness “pink out” shirt that was sold to students and staff at lunchtime. They raised more than $1,500 and after receiving matching gifts from Bank of America and Cardinal Health, they donated nearly $6,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the name of an Atlantis employee who battled cancer.

The boosters are always looking for new ways to help Atlantis – and they could use your help. If you’d like to volunteer, contact

Executive Board
Edward Almeida,  President

Christopher Murphy, Vice President

Elizabeth Arruda, Secretary

Diane Viana-Almeida, Treasurer

Kelly Kalunga, Director (Special Events/Fundraising)

Additional Board Members
Susan Stokes

Jessie Durand

Joana Reis

Atlantis Charter Athletics (board affiliates)
Chad Gormly, AD

Jennifer  DeAguiar, AAD (1st Boosters President)

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