Meet the New Football Coach

New Atlantis Varsity Football Coach Has Big Goals for Upcoming Season

Many of our families know Kazeem Adediran as the Dean of Students of grades 9 and 10, but he is ready to tackle an additional role this year – Varsity football coach. Coach Adediran is no stranger to football. He coached the Fall River Falcons youth football team for five seasons from U8 to U12, winning several championships along the way. We are thrilled to have him coach the Varsity Tritons this fall. The football team is a co-op with students from Atlantis, Bishop Connolly, and Westport.  We asked Coach Adediran about football and his goals for the fall season.

 Coach A on … his new role as Varsity football head coach

“I take pride in this position. Coaching is on my mind 24/7. I want to be the best version of myself so I can provide these kids with the top-notch coaching they deserve and make sure we’re executing at a high level. When the position became available last spring, I knew it was the right time for me to put my name in for consideration. I’ve had time to settle into my role as Dean of Students, and I had the support of my colleagues who encouraged me to apply. I’m focused. I’m passionate. And, above all, I am excited for this opportunity to coach the Tritons Varsity football team.”

Coach A … on building a team

“We have a lot of student interest this year which is great. 48 sophomores, juniors, and seniors signed up for my conditioning and weight training sessions this summer. Under MIAA rules, I can officially start doing play calls and formations and things of that nature on August 18. Team numbers may change a bit. We may gain some freshmen but may lose others once they get a taste for football and decide if they like the sport. If I can keep a solid 30 to 35 students, I will consider that a success.”

Coach A on … Going back to the basics

“A lot of our players don’t know how to make a tackle or how to block properly. So, we are going back to the basics like flag football. Kids who played flag football have an opportunity to fine-tune their skills. Players just starting out will learn alongside their teammates without feeling left behind. I hope to establish a culture of positivity. My mantra in life is to inspire, support, and believe. I’m going to give you that inspiration. I’m going to support you so you can learn the skills. And then I’m going to give you that belief that you can accomplish anything.”

Coach A … on his expectations for players

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors participated in Coach A’s conditioning and weight training sessions this summer.

“I tell my players ‘don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.’ I assign exercises through a group chat. I may ask players to complete 25 pushups or 50 burpees or 100 jumping jacks, and every day I up the number. I don’t require proof they completed their daily exercises, but I tell them if you don’t do the work, you’re not lying to me, you’re lying to yourself. Some do tell me about their workouts, one even sent me a video. I’m appreciative of it. It shows me they are buying in, and at the end of the day, they have to buy in for us to succeed.

Coach A … on building relationships with parents

“It takes a village for this program to be successful. I have been upfront with parents, sharing my ideas and assuring them that their student-athletes are in safe hands. They understand I have high requirements for my players and they are going to need to support them at home. They are excited, they are invested, and they are pumped. They have my personal phone number and email and can contact me any time. I am always here to answer their questions.”

Coach A … on the season ahead

“Football is not an easy sport. There is a lot that needs to happen in 90 minutes for you to be successful. I want my players to know that I’m on this journey with them. It’s hard work, but I’m right there by their sides doing sprints, laps, and drills. One of my goals is to establish a culture of responsibility, accountability, toughness, hard work, and just learning the game. If you do all those things right, the winning will come naturally.”

The Tritons open their season at home against Keefe Tech on Friday, September 9 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available at the gate. We hope to see you there!  

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