Applications are available in the Family Learning Center Office or may be downloaded from the school’s website. (Applications for the upcoming school year are available as of October 1st of the current school year.) Applications may be sent to the school by mail or submitted in person to the Central Office.  All applications must have a valid Massachusetts address listed as their permanent residence, and to which all communication will be mailed, to be eligible for the lottery. A  separate application must be completed for each child in a family intending to participate in the lottery.

Entry into Atlantis Charter School is gained through public lottery.  Applications may be submitted all year long. Two lotteries are held each year–one in March and one in August.


Applications received between August 1st and the last day before February vacation are included in the March lottery. Applications received after the February deadline and before the last business day in July are included in the August lottery.

Lottery applications are categorized into three groups (1) siblings; (2) in-district; and (3) out-of-district.

  1. Siblings: Students who share a common parent, either biologically or legally through adoption.
    Whether the children reside in the same household has no bearing on determining if the children are siblings for purposes of a sibling preference. Children who live in separate households may be considered siblings and those who live in the same household might not be. If siblings are placed in foster homes and one of them enrolls at the School, then the siblings of that student are entitled to admission preference. Foster Children are not considered siblings of other children in the foster home unless they share a common parent.
  2. District Residents: Students who live in the city or town in which the charter school is located (Fall River).
    Residents enrolled in district, charter, private or parochial schools or enrolling in schools in the district get equal preference.
  3. Non- District Residents: Students who live outside the city or town in which the charter school is located (Fall River).
    Non-Residents enrolled in district, charter, private, or parochial schools or enrolling in schools in the district get equal preference.

Applications are drawn at each grade level in the following order: Sibling applications have priority and are processed first. In-district applications are processed second and out-of-district applications are processed third.


Grades K-11 Student Application 2017-2018


Aplicação Do Aluno 2017-2018 Graus K-12 (Portuguese)

Lottery Event Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lottery?

The lottery is the system that charter schools use to admit students into their schools (kindergarten) or place students onto a waiting list. The event is open to the public for transparency. Applications received from the first business day in August through the last business day before February vacation will be included in our March lottery. Applications received after the February deadline and before the last business day in July will be included in our August lottery.

All names are pulled by a “disinterested” volunteer. Disinterested is defined as having no children on the waitlist or in the lottery. Additionally, the disinterested party has no financial benefit from the school.

How will the lottery work?

Two lotteries are held each year: one in March and one in August. The lotteries take place at the upper school cafeteria. For each grade level, all sibling applications will be processed first; all in-district applications will be processed second; all out-of-district applications will be processed third.

As the numbers are drawn, there are three notification steps in place:

  1. Names are announced as they are pulled
  2. Name cards are numbered and placed in the order they were called
  3. Names pulled are typed into a spreadsheet projected to the audience


As with the lottery, the waitlist is prioritized by (1) sibling preference, (2) in- district applicants and (3) out-of-district applicants.

An applicant only needs to apply once to be processed through a lottery and be placed on the waitlist.

Each grade level waitlist advances from year to year. However, Atlantis requires a waiting list update form to be submitted every year by May 15th.

Each waitlisted family should contact the Family Learning Center immediately to update any changes in contact information including phone, email and mailing address.

Offers for the current school year are made through February 15th of each year. Families are give two business days to respond to an offer before the school will proceed to the next child on the waitlist. Families of students on the waitlist should be prepared with the necessary registration documents (see below).

Offers of Enrollment

At the conclusion of the March lottery, kindergarten positions are offered for the fall of the following year. All other grade level positions are offered after June 1st in a given school year. When a position is open, a phone call is made to inform the family. In cases where a valid email address is available, email notification may also be used for informational purposes.  

Failure to accept an offer within a two business-day deadline is considered a declination of acceptance of the offer.  As a result, the child offered a seat will be removed from the waitlist and the position will be offered to the next student on the list.


Once an offer has been extended and accepted, a registration date and time will be set up. The parent/guardian will complete the registration packet in person and must provide the school with:

  1. 2 proofs of residency*
  2. child’s birth certificate
  3. child’s health insurance card
  4. documentation of a physical exam within the last 365 days
  5. a complete immunization record**
  6. a copy of your child’s most recent official report card from previous school district (for students entering grades 1 through 8).***

When a student attends their first day in the classroom, any siblings on the waitlist will be reassigned as “sibling status.”

Residency Requirements
All applications must have a valid Massachusetts address listed as their permanent residence, and to which all communication will be mailed, to be eligible for the lottery.

Age Requirements
Please note children must be five years of age by September 1st of the year of enrollment in order to be eligible for the kindergarten lottery.

Application Deadlines
Applications for the March lottery must be submitted by the last business day before February vacation. Applications for the August lottery must be submitted by the last business day in July.

Entry Requirements
While the school does not administer examinations for entrance, students are assessed after enrollment as a diagnostic tool to benefit teachers and prepare them to help new students access the curriculum.

*Proof of residency includes the following:  a valid driver’s license stating your current address OR a current voter registration card PLUS a current utility bill or rent receipt that match your current address.

**ACS School Nurse will review Physical and Immunization records.  Records must be in compliance with Massachusetts state requirements.

***To be eligible for enrollment in grades one through eight, the prospective student must have successfully completed the grade preceding the one in which a position is offered. In the event that a position is offered, proof of a prospective student’s academic standing is required.


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